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About us

Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to read more about my passion!

My name is Melissa and I have been working with dogs in some form or other for over 20 years! I'm a veterinarian technician certified in pet nutrition. I have also trained, handled, shown dogs, and am involved with AKC yorkshire terriers.  I am married with 4 children and conduct all business from my home. When you leave your pet with us, they become part of our family and we treat them as our own. The rooms you see in the gallery tab are connected to our home so your pet will never be left alone. All overnight and daycare stays include meal times, play time, walks, and social time with my family and other dogs. If you are not sure of your dogs social skills, we can evaluate them and accomodate to their particular needs. I can also do some minor training during their stay by request.  We are always open to suggestions and requests. We hope in the future to expand to more fenced areas for free runs, grooming, and training. So be sure to follow our social media and subscribe for updates! We look forward to meeting you and making new furry friends!

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Mine and Yorkies, LLC!

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